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Train Bookings

Experience opulent journeys on luxury trains like the Deccan Odyssey or Palace on Wheels, offering lavish accommodations, fine dining, and immersive cultural experiences.

Car Bookings

Showcase a diverse range of vehicles including economy cars, luxury sedans, SUVs, vans, and specialty vehicles like convertibles or electric cars, catering to different preferences and travel needs.

Flight Bookings

Offer the ability to book complex multi-city and open-jaw itineraries on the website, allowing travelers to explore multiple destinations within a single trip and customize their travel routes efficiently.

Hotel Bookings

Showcase boutique and design hotels known for their unique architecture, interior decor, and personalized services, offering guests a distinctive and stylish accommodation experience.

Cruise Bookings

Promote theme and specialty cruises such as wellness retreats, culinary journeys, music festivals, and family-friendly experiences, catering to diverse interests and providing unique onboard activities and events

Bus Bookings

Allow users to book multi-route journeys involving transfers between different bus routes or operators, offering convenience and seamless connectivity for travelers with varied itineraries.

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